Sun. Aug 14th, 2022


In a press release from the Clovis Police Department, local businesses are the new targets for an electronic scam. In the past week there have been four incidents reported in which a scammer has contacted the business and requested an employee send funds via electronic transfer to the scammers. They have been posing as corporate office employees or in one particular case, the Fire Marshal’s office.

Further in the press release it states, the scammer convinced the employee to remove money from the cash register and send the funds in the form of a money order. The scammer later convinced the employee to place the funding in a bitcoin machine where the funds are sent electronically.

If you receive calls from any institution informing you the business is in need of sending money; contact your corporate offices and inquire as to the validity of these requests. It is a good idea to contact a local or regional manager prior to removing and sending money from a register if the person is not known to you personally.