Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020


In a Facebook post sent out Monday afternoon, local restaurant owner Laura Leal stated that the Leal’s location on E Marby Dr. will be voluntarily closing until December 1, 2020. They want to ensure the health and safety for those they serve and those that work for them. They are projecting a re-open date of the 1st. In her post, Mrs. Leal said:

“At present, the amount of employees in our work family are not working, or have been out of work due to compliance with our State Health Department regarding Covid-19 Restrictions and Safety Measures. We as a restaurant operation have decided that as a germinal approach toward ensuring the safety of our beloved employees and the continued ability to serve our cherished customers we will close for the time being.”

They are encouraging the City of Clovis to follow the Health and Safety guidelines to help curb the spread, wear your mask, and above all, please stay home if you can, and we will miss you. Thank you.