Mon. Aug 8th, 2022


At a college board of trustees meeting on Wednesday, Board President Lora Harlan read a statement that acknowledged letters from internal CCC organizations. The letters declare “no confidence” in CCC President Charles Nwankwo. The board of trustees meeting continued with Lora Harlan addressing the letters’ authors, saying, “We want to assure you we have read the letters and are taking your concerns seriously. We realize you did not come to this decision lightly.”

The letters are from the college’s Support Employee Association, the Faculty Association and Professional Employee Association; which are nearly identical in content, allege that Nwankwo “has shown to be an incompetent administrator and has demonstrated a remarkable degree of unprofessionalism in conduct and behaviors.” In his two years as CCC’s President, the letters state, Nwankwo “has done much damage to the operation and climate of Clovis Community College,” adding that the college “cannot fulfill its mission with him at the helm.” The letters further allege that Nwankwo has shown “behaviors and actions that demean employees” in private and in public.

Harlan said the board is investigating the allegations against Nwankwo and plans to talk with Nwankwo and hold discussions with college leadership for “discussion, mediation and positive resolution. To address such matters as we have before us now in a timely manner, with the confidentiality they deserve and as are required by law.”

Nwankwo on Wednesday said he had no comment on the letters.



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