Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Clovis to receive investment from the New Mexico Department of Transportation

CLOVIS (KSMX)- The New Mexico Department of Transportation is investing approximately $40 million in the Clovis community the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

The Department of Transportation is working with local city and county governments to plan projects like these, years in advance.

The Department will begin with a $2 million project to improve U.S. 6084, but overall, it’s part of a bigger project.

“There’s going to be three phases over the next five years,” said Manon Arnett, public information officer of the NMDOT District 2.

This first phase is going to be from Wheaton Street to MLK Boulevard.

“It’s pretty much coming into downtown Clovis, the $2 million project is going to start in the outskirts, and then we’re going to work our way in with the different phases,” said Arnett.

The second phase will start in 2021 and will cost $19 million and the third phase will cost the same but will begin in 2024.

“One of the main reasons this project came about is, because of the drainage in the area, there was water standing whenever there’s a lot of rain, and this three-phase project is going to address drainage as well,” Arnett said. “So, we’re going to improve the sidewalks, the intersection and the roadway itself.”

Arnett says it’s all done through STIP, which comes from both federal and state dollars.

“This is an investment in their community. It’s their taxpayer dollars at work, there’s cracks in the roadway potholes and the slopes for the sidewalks are not appropriate,” Arnett said. “They’re not ADA accessible for, you know, handicap or wheelchairs. So those things were going to be addressed.”

This first phase is expected to start in March and take about a year to complete.